Troop 423 Eagle Scout Roll Call

Bill Folterman

Eagle 1964

Jerry Babayan

Eagle 1966

Bob Podewils

Eagle 1966

Steve Goldstein

Eagle 1966

George Bianco

Eagle 1972

Dave Frederick

Eagle 1972

Dave Nuss

Eagle 1972

Ken Reese

Eagle 1973

Mike Frazer

Eagle 1973

Rich Marcantonio

Eagle 1973

Alan Smith

Eagle 1974

Ken Eagle

Eagle 1976

Joel Lehman

Eagle 1977

Paul Zubaly

Eagle 1977

Brad Cetron

Eagle 1992

Sean Grady

Eagle 1992

Simon Shnayderman

Eagle 1992

Vincent Kim

Eagle 1993

Mike Grady

Eagle 1994

Joe Randano

Eagle 1995

Steven Casella

Eagle 1994

Dominic Kent

Eagle 1996

Anthony V. Polizzi

Eagle 1997

Ryan Wilkin

Eagle 2005

Ian Guarino

Eagle 2005

Ryan Ratkowski

Eagle 2008


Greg Parker

Eagle 2013


Daniel Iscenko

Eagle 2013

John-Philip Latkovic

Eagle Board of Review: December 8, 1995

JP's Eagle Project took place during the summer of 1995. The main focus of the project was renovating Good Shepherd Lutheran Church's school playground. At the time, the church was not the sponsor of the troop.

JP organized two car wash's and a donation campaign to raise funds for the project as well as planned and led the renovation project. The playground sets were stripped and repainted, new playground sand was brought in to replace the old sand/dirt mix and the playground sets that only had grass beneath them were finally given sand to make them safer for playing on.

Adam Fried

Eagle 2001

Gregory Nacari

Eagle Board of Review: July 21, 2004

Greg choose to collect eyegasses for his project to be used to help underprivileged children in Mexico who would have otherwise never received eyeglasses.

Greg's team first advertised the project. They secured permission from various business's to host collection receptacles, and then made up special containers which they put all around the Plainview-Old Bethpage community. Once collected, they were counted, packaged, and shipped for free by a business donating the shipping costs.

Greg's project collected over 1,200 pairs of glasses and new frames from donations collected all around the community.

Howard Perlman

Eagle Board of Review: March 29, 2006

To help give back to the community in upstate New York, the home Onteora Scout Reservation, Howard worked with the Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce to refurbish and revamp parts of the town, coordinating two groups of volunteers.

One group was responsible for landscaping the area in the vicinity of a sign the town had recently installed to attract customers and support local businesses. These volunteers constructed a flowerbed out of stones from a local stream. They also trimmed trees and overgrown vines.

The second group was responsible for restoring a baseball field to a more usable and visibly appealing condition. The billboard bordering the entirety of the outfield had been missing planks and was in need of a new paint job. The team also removed the weeds around the metal fence between the outfield and the billboard to further improve the field.

Michael DelPietro

Eagle Board of Review: October 25, 2006

Justin Silver

Eagle Board of Review: November 21, 2006

Justin’s Eagle Project took place during the spring of 2006. The main focus of the project was refurbishing the outside of his synagogue, the Bethpage Jewish Center.

Justin had seen the benches and plants outside the synagogue disintegrate over the years and he knew that this would be a great way to give back to his community.

He obtained donations of plants & flowers. Troop 423 Scouts assisted in planting, power washing, and shellacking benches.

Today, the refurbished garden stands beautifully flourishing each spring.

Jeremy Foster

Eagle Board of Review: January 10th 2008

Jeremy's Eagle Project took place in the Spring of 2007 at Community Reform Temple in Westbury. The project involved refurbishing part of the Temple's playground area, used by students in the Preschool and Summer Day Care programs.

Jeremy organized a recycling drive and bake sale to collect the funds for the project. The main focus of the refurbishment was a section of the yard covered in wood chips. This area was a concern regarding the building's former carpenter ant problem. The wood chips were replaced by pea gravel, contained by a railroad tie structure, built by members of Troop 423.

Tim Guarino


Matt Herman

Eagle Board of Review: Mar 18, 2011

Matt's Eagle project involved refurbishing a section of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration that had become overgrown and fallen into disuse.

As part of Matt's project he and scouts from Troop 423 rebuild fences, cut down small trees and cleared brush.

Varun Shivakumar

Eagle Board of Review: Nov 27, 2012

Varun's Eagle Project was building a rain garden. Rain gardens are landscape areas that filter rain water and excess nutrients and slowly release them into the ground.

Varun accomplished this with the help of members of Troop 423 and Troop 170, family and friends.

Robby Brachman

Robby Brachman

Eagle Board of Review: April 9, 2013

Robby's Eagle project involved refurbishing a local braille trail with the help of scouts and friends of Troop 423.


Michael Milana

Eagle Board of Review: November 25, 2014

Mikey’s Eagle Scout project for the Plainview Water District was to build a rain garden and benches. Complimenting the Plainview Water District’s conservation and environmental efforts the rain gardens reduce pollution and survive just on runoff water alone.


Jungmin Lee

Eagle Board of Review: November 25, 2014

Jungmin worked with The Farm at Oyster Bay to develop and create a rain garden to be utilized as a template and a training tool for future water conservation efforts as his Eagle Project with the help of scouts and friends of Troop 423.


Samuel Lumerman

Eagle Board of Review: January 20, 2015

Sam's project was the refurbishing of the Library at the Plainview Jewish Center.

It involved building bookcases, construction of a new closet, refurbishing a conference table and organizing over 1000 books for the hebrew school library books with the help of scouts and friends of Troop 423.


Ryan Lessman

Eagle 2015

Ryan's project was to build a memorial garden at the American Legion hall to memorialize Joseph Slattery, Legion member and supporter of scouting.

Henry Lumerman

Henry Lumerman

Eagle Board of Review: September 20, 2018

Henry's project was to build a series of bat houses and informational signs in the Plainview area to address the mosquito population.

Henry Lumerman

Noah Fox

Eagle Board of Review: October 6, 2018

Noah's project was to refurbish the religious school library at the Midway Jewish Center in Syosset.

This project included cleaning out, cataloging, and reorganize all the books, building new shelving and providing a portable puppet theater.

Aaron Waltzer

Aaron Walzer

Eagle Board of Review: October 16, 2018

Aaron's project was to replace two existing ga-ga pits that were in disrepear with new, safer pits. In addition, Aaron built 6 removable benches and associated plantings for JCC Day camp at the Henry Kaufman Campgrounds.